Be excellent

Excellent-Expo offers a comprehensive service of our specialists. Starting from design, individually prepared and tailored to the profile of your company, through the production of parts with the best quality materials to the implementation on the exhibition grounds ending. By using our services you (ALWAYS ) receive (THE INDIVIDUAL) care of (fully qualified) Project Manager who can advise on issues of fair choice, hostess employment, help with formalities, orders and other organizational matters. Carpentry and assembling teams will create even the most sophisticated designs – everything to make every fair unique and unrepeatable.

System stands

Professional, directed at people who appreciate the ease of installation and turnkey solutions. The system allows rapid development of large areas, but also by the multitude of elements the diversity and freedom in arranging individual stands. System stands thanks to the ease and swiftness of installation and low prices are ideal for building the entire fairs.

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Individual stands

Mounting of non-system stands is perfect for companies who appreciate something created especially for them. It is more demanding, but provides fantastic results. The shape, color, texture of elements depend only on the imagination of the designer or the client, not on the existing ones. We have our own design office so we are able to meet all your needs in the range of individual and original stand building.

We fully recommend  this solution.

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Consulting and services

In Excellent Expo, we know that a successful exposure at the fair consists of many factors. We support our clients with experience and help at every stage, going beyond the creation of exhibition stands. We assist in the selection of appropriate trade fairs, meeting formalities or hiring hostesses and other organizational matters, such as:

  • servicing for the duration of the fair,
  • cleaning staff, catering, hostesses,
  • stands equipment – furniture, electronics and household goods,
  • various types of graphic and flower arrangements
  • transport and logistic,
  • Payment for electrical and water connections
  • administrative  formalities   like  payment